CATHEE is the outcome of serious deliberations and commitments of some senior members of the society for the empowerment of rural populace of tribal areas of Jharkhand. The paradox that the region amidst the affluence of natural bounty and resources has been the victim of poverty and backwardness since long. CATHEE, as a charitable foundation, has taken the cue to work for capacity building and empowerment of rural populace especially in the field of education, healthcare and environmental conservation.

The farsightedness, clarity of vision and thought and sound technical knowledge of the founders have given an humble but firm beginning of the organization in year 2003 in the form of an NGO which was transformed into a Charitable TRUST with the rural support programmes. The Foundation expands its role to that of a catalyst, coordinator and facilitator, encouraging necessary participation of the rural community and entrepreneurs.

Beginning in a remote village of Jharkhand, NAWADIH, in Jarmundi block of Santhal Pargana, the foundation has started its activities in village Padharaiya in Sahara PS ( about 12 KM away in Dumka-Deoghar line) covering a target population of about 10,000 animates.