The prime aim of the organization is to train and motivate the rural populace for taking challenges to improve their conditions through available resources and hidden entrepreneurship . Phase wise programmers to translate the objectives are being taken up in five acre of land

Phase 1 Duration - 5 Years

  • Trenching and cordoning of land with thorny bushes to prevent animal’s entry
  • Installation of power connection, and boring for water supply, 
  • Constructing an out-house, appointing a guard and gardener
  • Planting Ashoka trees (Saraca indica),Gul Mohar trees ( Delonix regia), Ornamental trees in the front face
  • Plantation of Timber tress, Fruit trees, Popolus trees in the margin boundary
  • Green house set up for Floriculture (Deoghar and Basukinath are the two important pilgrims of this area at a distance of 32km and 14 Km respectively. Besides, Kolkata market is 8 hrs train journey from the place)
  • Setting up Organic manure plant (The refuges of temple in the form of belpatra , flowers and other vegetation pollutants are the good source of raw material for organic manure. Application of Vermiculture technology has been found successful in converting raw materials into utilizable manure.
  • Developing rain water harvesting pond
  • Motivation of rural populace through meetings & workshop.

Phase 2 Duration - 5 Years 

1.Demarcation and preparation of bed for MAPiculture (medicinal and aromatic plants)

Presently activities are restricted to the following five plants

i)Aloe vera (Liliaceae.) = Ghrit Kumari Heavy demand in cosmetic and neutraceutical markets, gel are used as skin tonic, preparation of creams, lotions, shampoos.

ii)Andrographis paniculata (Acanthaceae) =   Kalmegh Anti-inflammatory , immuno-suppressive ,alexipharmic and antihelmintic properties - 

iii)Chlorophytum tuberosum= Safed musli wonderful drug for strength and vigour 

iv)Asparagus racemosus (Liliaceae) = Shatavari, Satamuli, Cultivated both for medicinal & ornamental purposes. 

v)Mentha arvensis = Pudina Aromatic and medicinal Plants

2.Setting up distillery plants

3.Generating market avenues

4.Organizing workshop and training camp

5.Building Construction- 

a)Primary/Skill Development School

b)Hospital/ Dispensary - 4-bed hospital/dispensary with all basic health care facilities

c)Old Man Hostel – Initially 10 double- bed apartments with all basic amenities (Canteen, library, Yoga hall)

Phase 3 Duration - 5 Years

  • Building Construction Continued..
  • Development of Dairy & Fishery
  • Establishment of +2 school
  • Establishment of Institute for skill development
  • Setting up Solar Power Generation Unit in expanded areas (subject to the availability of resources and fund)

The activities are summarized in Project Programmes
Project 1. Ecoregeneration of wasteland by Medicinal Plants

  • Floriculture
  • Mapiculture
  • Vermiculture

Project 2. Primary Education-Nursey to 5th std.
Project 3. Primary Health Centre
Project 4. Skill Development School
Project 5. Old –age Home
Project 6. Tourism Development
Project 7. Solar Unit Set-up