The organization will be called CATHEE CHARITABLE TRUST
(The word CATHEE stands for – Centre for Advancement of Tribal Health, Ecology and Empowerment.)

This Charitable Foundation is dedicated to work for capacity building and empowerment of rural populace especially in the field of education, healthcare and environmental conservation. This will include both conventional and new scientific innovations suited for social welfare

The TRUST will be formed by an individual or group of individuals with specific objective of serving for the welfare of society and getting it registered under Indian Trust Act 1860. The FOUNDER of the Trust will act as guardian and Patron of the Trust. His discretion on controversy will be final and binding to all the Trustees and Members

Founder Trustees (3) Person(s) or their heir-in committed to the objectives of the Foundation and having donated Rs, 2,00,000/-only.
General Trustees (8) Person(s) committed to the objectives of the Foundation and having donated Rs. 1,00,000/-only.
(Locking period of the investment will be for five years. Money can be reimbursed after locking period with simple bank - interest to desirous General Trustees. It is proposed to convert the continuing trustees as share-holders.)

v) MEMBERS Person(s) committed to the objectives of the Foundation and having donated Rs.101/-only. Members shall have no voting right in organizational set-up



i).To work for upliftment of mankind enabling him to lead an honorable life
ii).To motivate rural populace for raising their social, economic and cultural conditions
iii).To conserve and maintain the land and water ecosystem
iv).To organize workshop for protection, conservation and management of environment and motivate for people participation
v). To establish primary and skill development school to educate the new/young generation
vi).To use telecommunication, biotechnology, space technology and other scientific innovations for raising the socio-economic conditions of the area
vii). Eco-regeneration of wasteland through horticulture, floriculture and mapiculture
viii).Motivating women participation in different family welfare, child welfare schemes.
ix). To provide legal help to the community protecting its Intellectual Property Right
x). To develop agro-based small scale entrepreneurship like sericulture, apiculture etc.
xi). To eradicate malnutrition by implementing government ameliorating programmes
xii). To develop Old-age home for senior citizens providing basic facilities to lead graceful and peaceful life.



The Executive Committee comprising all the trustees shall manage all business matters of the Foundation
i)The Executive Committee shall have the office bearers as-
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - 1
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) -1
Secretary -1
ii) Office bearers of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by a majority vote of the sitting
Executive Members.
iii) Each Executive Committee member shall have one (1) vote right on all business matters
The Executive Committee of this organization shall serve in its respective positions for a period of three (3) years. All terms of office will expire on December 31 of the appropriate year.


i)Should the office of the Chief Executive Officer become vacant, the Chief Administrative Officer shall automatically exercise all powers, duties, rights, and responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer ‘s office until such time as a successor is appointed.
ii)Should any other office become vacant, the Executive Committee shall appoint a qualified individual within ninety (90) days after such vacancy occurs


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The CEO shall be the principal executive officer of the organization, in-charge of the business and affairs of the organization. He will assure that the resolutions and directives of the Executive Committee are carried out, except in those areas where the Executive Committee assigns the responsibilities to another person.


Chief Executive Officer shall:


 i) Have such powers and duties as are usually exercised by such an officer. 

ii)Be the Executive Officer of the foundation and preside over at the Annual
Convention, any special meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee.
iii)Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
iv)Have the power to call Special Meetings of the Organization and Special Meetings of the Executive Committee.
v)Manage all other matters assigned by the Executive Committee.
vi)Manage all accounting and financial activities of the Organization.
vii) Present all investment proposals to the Executive Committee for discussion prior to making the actual investment.
viii)Obtain prior approval of the Executive Committee for the administrative costs required for the operation of the Organization.
ix) May approve a cash advance of not more than Rs 5000/-per occurrence without prior approval from the Executive Committee
x)Submit an annual financial statement to the Executive Committee.
xi)Timely transfer of all documents related to this position.
xii)Cast one vote in all matters before the Executive Committee concerning the Foundation.

 (B) Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

  The Chief Operating Officer shall:

i)In the absence of the Chief Executive Officer, have the powers and duties of the Chief Executive Officer.
ii)Act as liaison between the Foundation and all business operations assigned by the Executive Committee.
iii)Perform all other duties incidental to the office or as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer or the Executive Committee.
iv)The Chief Administrative Officer shall have one vote in all matters before the Executive Committee
v)Timely transfer of all documents related to this position.

 (C) Secretary

The Secretary shall:
i)Communicate, organize and disseminate all public information concerning the Charitable Foundation.
Ii)Record all proceedings of the meeting accurately and get it confirmed by the CEO/CAO
iii)Keep an accurate and complete permanent written record of all business conducted by the Executive Committee.
iv)Maintain adequate books for the Organization according to accepted accounting practices.
v)Maintain appropriate and necessary bank accounts.
vi)File all tax returns on an annual or “as needed” basis in compliance with federal, state and local laws.
vii)Timely transfer of all documents related to this position.
viiii)Cast one vote in all matters before the Executive Committee concerning the Charitable Foundation.


The Founder of this Charitable Trust may appoint additional officers (Founder Trustees, General Trustees) as deemed necessary on the advice of Executive Committee. These appointed officers shall hold non-voting positions.


i)Any member of the Executive Committee may be removed from office for “just cause” including, but not limited to malfeasance, nonfeasance, misfeasance, gross negligence in office, omissions or actions determined by the Executive Committee to be a detriment to the Foundation.
ii)Members missing three (3) consecutive planned meetings are deemed removed.
iii)A written motion for removal will be brought before the Executive Committee by the secretary who shall distribute the motion to the remaining board members for consideration. This motion will be voted upon within seven (7) working days and the matter will be resolved by balance of vote .
iv)Tendering resignation and subsequently accepted by CEO



The Executive Committee may authorize in writing any officer(s), agent(s) /or committee members, to enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name and on behalf of the Charitable Foundation


i)A joint bank account in favour of ‘CATHEE Charitable Trust’will be opened in any nearby nationalized bank..
ii)Bank operation will be done by the joint signature of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) or Secretary
iii)The Chief Executive Officer shall have the authority to designate other trustee members as authorized signatories as deemed necessary.
iv)All receipts of the organization shall be deposited weekly to the credit of the trust


The Executive Committee, on behalf of the Foundation, may accept any contribution,gift, bequest or devise to be used for charitable purposes by individuals, organizations, institutions.


Any property belonging to the Charitable Trust shall not be used, transferred, acquired,divested or consumed by any person without written consent of the Executive Committee following a majority vote of approval. The term “property” includes all property real or personal, tangible or intangible, which may be owned, created by or in the possession of the Trust under legally enforceable contract.


With the formal approval of the Executive Committee the Trust may affiliate,associate or coordinate with any other organization having similar aims and objectives



The fiscal year for the Trust shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.


Rights and Accountability of the Founder Trustees, General Trustees and Members will be at the ratio of 27:56:17 respectively. This will be mentioned in the annual audit report on recommendation of the Executive Committee


At the end of every fiscal year the audit of the account shall be completed within three months by a Chartered Accountant appointed by the Executive Committee.


 i)One third of the Executive members or minimum of Four (4) in number is necessary for a quorum to conduct any business for the Foundation. The meeting for agenda shall be communicated to the members at least one week in advance. 

ii)For emergent meeting no quorum is required and the meeting shall be convened in short notice of 24 hours.


The power to alter, amend, or repeal the Bylaws or adopt new Bylaws shall be vested in the Executive Committee. Such actions may be taken at regular or special meetings,or by written submission to the Chief Executive Officer. A simple majority of the Executive Committee is required to pass any amendment to these Bylaws.


i)If at all needed for dissolving the organization, it can be done on the recommendation of a committee constituted for the purpose and subsequently approved by 2/3 majority of the Executive Committee.
ii)After dissolving the trust the property (movable and immovable) after liquidating the debt and liabilities shall not be handed over to any person/individual but shall be transferred to any other organization having similar aims and objectives or to the state government.


Any other matter(s) which have not be included in this Bye-law shall be covered Under the section/sub section of Society / Trust Registration Act 1860


All the disputes related to Charitable Trust shall be discussed, decreed and settled in the legal court at district Headquarter Dumka (Jharkhand)