The organization has been set up with specific scientific tone of time scheduled phase programme . The prime objectives have been spelled out as:

  1. To work for upliftment of mankind enabling him to lead an honorable life
  2. To motivate rural populace for raising their social, economic and cultural conditions
  3. To conserve and maintain the land and water ecosystem
  4. To organize workshop/seminar for conservation and management of environment and motivate  people participation
  5. To start primary school to educate the new generation
  6. To start  skill development  institute for youngsters and women folk
  7. To use telecommunication, biotechnology, space technology and other scientific innovations for raising the socio-economic conditions of the area
  8. Eco-regeneration of wasteland through horticulture, floriculture and mapiculture
  9. Motivating women participation in different family welfare, child welfare schemes.
  10. To provide legal help to the community protecting its Intellectual Property Right
  11. To develop agro-based small scale entrepreneurship like sericulture, apiculture etc. 
  12. To eradicate malnutrition by implementing government ameliorating programmes
  13. To develop Old-age home for senior citizens providing basic facilities to lead graceful and peaceful life. 

Additionally, many more initiatives such as Watershed Development Program, Eradication of Child Labour, Alternate Health & Family Welfare Service Delivery, Women Literacy programme have also been included in the objective umbrella.