Spirit of CATHEE

 The Spirit of CATHEE is the core of CATHEE 

CATHEE aspires to hold  three instincts in its plan and promotion

  • Integrity of Individual. 
  • Intensity to Win
  • Transparency in Action

Integrity of Individual 

CATHEE believes and respects the integrity of individual-be it poor, downtrodden or elite.We believe in a society  where each citizen sees the ethic of equity, the essentiality of diversity, the ethos of justice, and is thus driven to social action.

CATHEE trusts individual .Every individual strives for a meaningful life and is intrinsically driven to do his/her best. Therefore, true respect means creating conditions in which every individual grows to realise his/her promise and potential.

Intensity to Win

This is the desire to stretch, to achieve that which seems beyond our grasp. This is aiming for maximum. This is the ardour to do our best, the hunger to be the best. This is the devotion to challenging our limits, it is about realizing our potential, and about expanding our potential.

Of course It is not about winning at all costs.  It is not about winning at the expense of others.

It is about working together to create synergy. It is about innovating all the time. It is a continuous endeavor to do better than last time.It is the Spirit of fortitude, the Spirit of never letting go.

Transparency in Action 

It is the core strength of CATHEE. We  always act to establish the foremost standards of honesty and fairness. It is the beacon that guides us, gives us direction.It gives us confidence to stand up to any scrutiny.